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Trying to conceive Journey... 6 month update

This month marks six months of my trying to conceive journey. There has been lots of low points but everyday I’m trying my best to stay hopeful, hopeful that our dreams will finally become a reality soon! During this time, I’ve learned a lot about different things involving fertility and learned things about myself as well.

I’ve learned a lot about my anxiety and just being more self aware of it during this time. This whole process causes me stress and anxiety but I’m finding ways to deal with it better. My biggest obstacle is patience and just trusting that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. My mind tends to automatically think of every negative thing that can happen so I’m trying to change that. I need to start being more positive and positive things will come about. I can just feel it!

So, six months ago before my husband had the vasectomy reversal, my monthly cycles were always right on time for the most part. Every now and then it would be a day or 2 late but nothing too out of the ordinary. I feel like the second we started trying my whole body had been thrown off track. I keep thinking it’s the stress of it all and that’s what’s making me want to find ways to help relax myself more.

My 28 to 30-day cycles started becoming 38 to 39-day cycles. Which isn’t normal for me at all! Not to mention every single month my body wants to play some mind game with me. It’s hard when your period is a week late but every single test you take comes back negative. My hopes get up that it could be the month just for them to be let down. It’s exhausting and it makes you feel so hopeless.

It’s gotten to the point lately where I feel like maybe this isn’t something that’s meant to happen in my life right now. Every time I get those thoughts in my head, I get mad because I know I will be a great mom one day. I keep reminding myself that six months really isn’t THAT long of trying to conceive. There are women out there that have been trying for years. Let me tell you those women are seriously some of the strongest women! It’s just hard when you see everyone else around you able to get pregnant with no problem and all you want is that for yourself. I know things always happen when you least expect it or stop trying so hard for it. As much as I want to do that, it’s always easier said then done. I know I have my husband by my side. I also need to remind myself that this is just as hard for him just like it is for me.

This next coming cycle I’m trying things a little different. I started using ovulation tests two months ago and that has helped me a lot to see exactly when I ovulate. I found the Easy@home ovulation tests on amazon and I love them because they have an app that you can take a picture to upload all your tests into one place. Their Premom app also has a lot of helpful tips and forums to talk with other women in your same situation. Another helpful thing we started using is pre-seed fertility lubricant. It helps prepare your body to help the sperm travel to your cervix better. It pretty much mimics your bodies natural cervical mucus. It’s also important to make sure you’re taking daily vitamins. I bought these prenatal vitamins, but I’ll be honest I’m horrible at taking vitamins.

So, the last thing I’m going to try differently this month is something I found on a lot of fertility forums. Women that are trying to conceive will insert a menstrual disc right after intercourse. Which makes a lot of sense because it fits right up against your cervix, so it keeps all the sperm in one place up against your cervix, leaving only one direction for the sperm to swim. It’s worth a try and some of the stories I’ve read online show women having good outcomes with trying this method.

If you are going through fertility struggles or you know someone that is, be patient. With yourself and with them. It’s not easy and a lot of the time they keep these feelings to themselves. Know you are not alone!

Here are some great resources to visit if you need support or more info into different options (Online support groups, provides great resources) (online forums & support groups) (Infertility & IVF forums and support) (Fertility support groups, Resources & info into different fertility options)

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