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Why we decided on a Vasectomy Reversal

This past summer my husband and I had finally saved up enough money for the vasectomy reversal we had been planning for. The cost of vasectomy reversals isn’t cheap by any means, but it was extremely important for us. It took us many years, but I can finally say we got there!

Now I will say there is some pros and cons to us choosing the vasectomy reversal compared to what our other options would be. When we started looking into our options for the reversal, we came across Seattle Reproductive Medicine. If any of you live in Washington State and are looking for a great reproductive doctor, I would recommend them. They provide every type of option to help you along the way. So far, I’m happy that we chose them on helping us start a family.

As I said before there is pros and cons…

The pros are that we’ll be able to try to conceive on our own. That was something we really wanted to be able to try first before other options. Another Pro is that we were able to save and freeze some sperm as a back-up plan for ourselves in case we ever need to go another route.

The cons were the price of the vasectomy reversal. When my husband and I looked into the procedure back in 2014 it was $6,000. Once we got serious about getting the procedure done summer 2019 it was $7,500, which had to be paid in full before we could schedule our surgery. I’m not sure all places require this so definitely make sure to do your homework. Plus, you’ll want to keep in mind that they do have cost increases over the years. I hate that something like this cost so much because it’s not easy for people to come up with that type of money. When it comes to people wanting a family as bad as we do, you’ll be willing to pay for it. I know that’s not easily the case for everyone and I strongly feel for them because I know how stressful it can be. The other con about the reversal is that there is a chance after all this, that the surgery won’t be successful. Now that right there is what terrifies me the most. After all the money and time put into this, it might still not work for us and we’ll be back at square one. We knew this going into the procedure, but it was a risk we were willing to take and deal with later if it came to that. That was the main reason we chose to freeze some sperm as a sort of safety net.

Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. So, this option might not fit what they’re looking for. There are other options for someone that is in the same position as us. We could have gone the IVF route. Instead of the reversal they would extract sperm, freeze it, then I would start the IVF process and conceive that way. I pray every day that we won’t have to go that route just because I know the cost of that is expensive! I also know if it does come down to that we’ll make it work and do what we need to finally get our little bundle of joy that we want SO BADLY! As impossible as it may seem at times, know you are not alone and don’t forget that through the hard times of this journey.

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